API Reference for ArangoLocalStorage V1Alpha



Type: array [ref]

LocalPath setting specifies one or more local directories (on the nodes) used to create persistent volumes in.


Type: object [ref]

NodeSelector setting specifies which nodes the operator will provision persistent volumes on.


Type: integer [ref]

Priority if defined, sets the priority for pods of storage provisioner


Type: boolean [ref]

Privileged if set, passes Privileged flag to SecurityContext for pods of storage provisioner


Type: boolean [ref]

IsDefault setting specifies if the created StorageClass will be marked as default storage class.

Default Value: false


Type: string [ref]

Name setting specifies the name of the storage class that created PersistentVolume will use. If empty, this field defaults to the name of the ArangoLocalStorage object. If a StorageClass with given name does not yet exist, it will be created.

Default Value: ""


Type: core.PersistentVolumeReclaimPolicy [ref]

ReclaimPolicy defines what happens to a persistent volume when released from its claim.



Type: []core.Toleration [ref]

Tolerations specifies the tolerations added to pods of storage provisioner