ArangoLocalStorage Custom Resource

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The ArangoDB Storage Operator creates and maintains ArangoDB storage resources in a Kubernetes cluster, given a storage specification. This storage specification is a CustomResource following a CustomResourceDefinition created by the operator. It is not enabled by default in the operator.

Example minimal storage definition:

apiVersion: ""
kind: "ArangoLocalStorage"
  name: "example-arangodb-storage"
    name: my-local-ssd
  - /mnt/big-ssd-disk

This definition results in:

  • a StorageClass called my-local-ssd
  • the dynamic provisioning of PersistentVolume’s with a local volume on a node where the local volume starts in a sub-directory of /mnt/big-ssd-disk.
  • the dynamic cleanup of PersistentVolume’s (created by the operator) after one is released.

The provisioned volumes will have a capacity that matches the requested capacity of volume claims.