Custom resources overview

Main CRDs:

Operator manages the CustomResources based on CustomResourceDefinitions installed in your cluster.

There are different options how CustomResourceDefinitions can be created.

Deprecated options:

  • Install CRDs directly from manifests folder.
  • Install kube-arangodb-crd helm chart before installing kube-arangodb chart.
  • Install CRDs using kustomize all or crd manifests.

Recommended: Use kube-arangodb Helm chart. If you’ve chosen not to install CRDs automatically (--skip-crds), the operator will try to install CRDs automatically. Make sure that ServiceAccount for operator has permissions to create CustomResourceDefinitions.

To disable the automatic creation of CRDs, set enableCRDManagement=false template parameter, e.g.:

helm install --generate-name$VER/kube-arangodb-$VER.tgz --set "operator.enableCRDManagement=false"

Schema validation

Starting with v1.2.36, the schema validation is supported for all CRDs.

Schema validation can be enabled only on cluster with no CRDs installed or by upgrading your CR from one CRD version to another.

To enable creation of CRD with validation schema, pass additional args to operator command line, e.g.: